For Students

The St Anthony’s Student School Leaders and the Student Representative Council (SRC) have an important role within the school, providing students with opportunities for leadership, decision-making, voicing opinions and contributing to the life of the school.

Student Wellbeing

The love of God and the values of Jesus Christ permeate the life of our school community. Pastoral care encompasses all that we are and all that we do. Every member of the community shares in the responsibility for promoting the values of love, respect, responsibility, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, inclusiveness, service and justice. Our community nurtures the dignity, self-esteem and wellbeing of all, in an atmosphere of optimism and hope.

The pastoral care, to which we are committed as a community is evidenced by a happy and safe environment where there are high expectations of student achievement, high quality teaching and learning,restorative practices, and positive relationships.

The teaching of Christian values, which include respect and responsibility, is fundamental at St Anthony’s. These values are taught explicitly through the Religious Education program, across all KLAs, and throughout the everyday life of the school by word and example.

Restorative Justice provides a model for the school to promote positive relationships and to help students, parents and teachers deal with conflict in ways that restore relationships with respect and dignity.

Students regularly review the class and school rules, including the antibullying rules. The rights and responsibilities of all members of the school community are emphasised in class and at assemblies. This is reinforced by weekly Shine Awards and Christian Living Awards that are presented to students displaying appropriate attitudes and behaviour.

Student Results

Students in Years 3 and 5 sit the National Assessment Program in Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) in May. NAPLAN assessment results provide valuable information about student achievements in literacy and numeracy. An analysis of these results assists school planning and is used to support teaching and learning programs.

Year 6 Religious Education Test

Students in Year 6 sit the Archdiocesan Religious Education Test in June. The test consists of fifty multiple choice questions. Results of this test are analysed by staff and are used to inform teaching and learning. 

The 2013 Archdiocesan average for the test was 83.8%, with the school average being 94.2%.

The 2014 Archdiocesan average for the test was 81.4%, with the school average being 80%.

The 2015 Archdiocesan average for the test was 77%, with the school average being 80%.

The 2016 Archdiocesan average for the test was 74%, with the school average being 83.8%.

The 2017 Archdiocesan average for the test was 65.6%, with the school average being 68.8%. 

In 2017, 50% of St Anthony's students obtained a Distinction or High Distinction.