BYODD Parent Portal

In 2017, the Year 5 students have been invited to participate in BYODD Program with the use of Chrome Books.
In 2020, this invitation will be extended to all students in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.

Please view the BYODD Parent Portal link below for up to date information about the BYODD Program.


St Anthony's School offers a safe and happy learning environment that is child-centred, emphasising Religious Education, Literacy, Numeracy, and the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) across the curriculum. The school provides opportunities for inquiry learning, problem solving, group interaction, creative thinking, decision-making, and the development of social skills.

The academic standard of student learning is monitored closely, with an expectation of high success that is driven by explicit teaching, authentic assessment, relevant and engaging teaching programs, and targeted intervention where there are identified needs.

The school has specialist teachers in Special Needs / Learning Support, English as a Second Language, Reading Recovery, Physical Education and Music. Gifted and Talented inclusive programs cater for the diversity of learning needs through the provision of differentiated learning experiences across all classes.

St Anthony's shared approach to school-wide pedagogy is SHINE.

S uccess - Striving to reach your full potential
H olistic – Developing the whole person
I nnovative – Engaging in technology-rich learning experiences
N urtuting – Caring for the wellbeing of others
E mpowering – Helping all students to become life-long learners.