St Anthony's Catholic Primary School is a welcoming and faith-filled community. There are numerous opportunities for involvement in the life of the school, parish and the wider community to promote outreach, social justice and to provide support for those in need.

St Anthony's Parish, Marsfield

Our Parish Priest, Fr Greg Cooney cm, strongly supports the school and is committed to the spiritual welfare of its families and staff. The school and parish work in a collaborative partnership to promote the mission of the Church and to address the pastoral and educational needs of the community.

The Pastoral Associate and Parish Sacramental Team organise parish based sacramental programs. The Parish Pastoral Associate is also actively involved in the life of the school.

Parish Priest: Fr Greg Cooney cm
Pastoral Associate: Mrs Madeleine Pizzuti
Parish Secretaries: Mrs Rose Goh & Mrs Pauline Jasudason
Address: 54 Agincourt Rd, Marsfield
Phone: 02 9888 5222