STAR Club (Before/After Care)

Our Philosophy 
Star Club has been established to work in partnership with children, families, the school and the extended community to enrich children’s wellbeing in our school-age care settings. Star Club supports the UN Convention of the Rights of a Child, which states that children have the “right to relax, play and join a variety of cultural, artistic and recreational activities.” Star Club educators commit to collaborating with children to provide meaningful play and leisure activities. Star Club values the importance of physical well-being, positive social interactions and creative expression. This will be reflected through a rich program, based on children’s interests and choice. Star Club members are encouraged to maintain respect for our peers through pro-social behaviours and an understanding of diversity. We aim to be socially responsible towards our community and the environment. Star Club aims to create a fun, relaxed and stimulating environment where children feel safe, secure and supported.

Family and Community Input 
Thanks for your ongoing input. It is used for continuous improvement amongst our program. Some input this term included… 

Parent Feedback: - “Staff are all warm and caring to the children, they show a genuine interest in the students, they play and interact with children through fun games and activities“

The Star Club Team