For Parents

St Andrew’s Primary School Malabar encourages and actively supports a positive, enriching partnership between home and school. We encourage parents to assist in whatever way possible, given the many other commitments they have. The involvement of parents within the school is highly valued.

As a parent you are the first and most important teacher in leading your child into personal faith. We encourage parents to speak to their children about God and take them to Mass on a regular basis.

Parents are always welcomed to be to be part of the life of the school. There are many opportunities for parents and carers to become volunteers. These include:

o   Classroom helpers

o   Helpers at excursions and carnivals

o   School Parent Association

o   Special Celebration Days

o   Kindergarten Literacy Support

Parents assist in varying ways within the classroom, depending on the needs of the class. These could include activities such as reading and Mathematics groups, Art and Craft activities, and sharing their skills and talents with their child’s class.

An essential requirement for any prospective classroom parent helper is confidentiality. That is, the ability to interact with children in their learning environment and not to discuss with anyone, except the class teacher if appropriate, aspects of any child’s performance. Such confidentiality is vital in protecting the developing self-esteem of each young child.

We have a very active Parents' & Friends' Association that works tirelessly to raise funds for purchasing resources to support our students' learning. Class Parents Representatives liaise between the P&F, parents of the students and the class teacher.

At least once a term Class Parents Representatives and the executive of the P&F meet with the principal in a Parent Forum. This Parent Forum is an opportunity for parents to raise issues and ask questions and for the principal to consult with parents about our school's policies and practices. A number of opportunities are provided for families, staff and parish to socialise.

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