How do we celebrate Aboriginal Culture at Malabar?

  • Celebrate Aboriginal Spirituality
  • Keep in Contact with The Reconciliation Church at La Perouse
  • Children learn Aboriginal Dance from Years 2-6
  • Celebrate NAIDOC day
  • Perform dances outside of school which promotes our Aboriginal heritage
  • Celebrate at a Mass for Indigenous Students with all Catholic Schools in the Archdioceses
  • Create Aboriginal perspectives throughout the year
  • Children from Years 4-6 go to Goodjarga Days with other children from schools in the area
  • We fly the Australian and Aboriginal Flags side by side.
  • We do an acknowledgement to the Aboriginal people every Monday at assembly with the Australian National Anthem
  • We celebrate all the significant dates for Aboriginal people.
  • We have an inclusive treatment of all students improving the learning outcomes for all students.
  • Aboriginal Education Worker has a positive role within the school and community.
  • Mentoring Program