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Parent's Role in Education

Education is not based entirely in schools, and not all learning is a result of work with teachers. The home and family influence the child in developing his/her attitude towards learning and school. The things a parent thinks are important will influence the child's future success at school. This Home Reading film clip shows how to support your child as they progress from familiar to unknown texts.

Let your child see you reading for pleasure as well as for information.

  • Read at least one story a day to your child.
  • Provide your child with access to books, magazines and newspapers.
  • Sit down and write a story with your child. Share your ideas.
  • Join the Public Library. The Librarian will be glad to help you choose some books.

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How you can help your child

Many children in their primary school years are able to use language readily to report on past experiences, to look ahead and predict, to look at possibilities and draw conclusions. Unfortunately, others may not be able to recall, anticipate or plan, and their talk is likely to be restricted to the immediate experience. Childrens' use of language, taking part in a conversation and interest in the world around them, stems from the experiences they have had of talking with others.

It is important for children to be able to express their ideas and feelings in words.

  • Talk to your child
  • Plan trips with your child. Make lists of where you will go, what you will do, and what you may need to bring with you.
  • Cut pictures out of magazines and paste these into a project book. Have your child dictate a story for you to write down. Let your child find out about his/her ideas and feelings.
  • Teach your child some short rhymes and poems. This will help improve the child's memory. Poetry books may be found at the Public Library.

The importance of listening to children cannot be over-emphasised. Parents should be constantly alert to children's comments and be ready to build upon them by supplying necessary descriptive or action words, giving information and maintaining interest.

Details of the group learning activities taking place at school and provided by teachers as "Curriculum Notes" can provide ideas for follow-up activities at home.

Our school can provide a selection of books and booklets for parents which may be helpful in the raising and educating of your children.