Recent & Upcoming Events

Separate notes are sent directly to parents with required information.  Below are some events in Term 2

  • ANZAC liturgy Year 6 - 4th May, 9am
  • Mothers' Day Mass and stall
  • Year 6 Confirmation: Parent/Carer Information evening 
                                             Commitment Masses                                                                   Reception of Sacrament
  • Inter-school sport: Years 3 & 4 at Centennial Park
  • Parents & Friends: Meeting - 8th May, 7pm
                                        Open air Movie Night -18th May
  • 2 day retreats for Principal and Assistant Principal
  • NAPLAN testing: Years 3 & 5
  • National Families week
  • Athletics Carnival
  • St Anthony's Feast Day: Mass & celebrations
  • Masses and Class visits for K-6 - Parents invited; Term 2 focus is one of our patrons: Nano Nagle 
  • Mini Vinnies - social outreach continues across the term
  • Ongoing professional development for all staff:
    - Eastern Region initiative: Quality Mathematics Teaching
    - School initiative: Teaching Grammar Effectively
  • Free optional activities: Choir, Chrome Crusaders, Glee Club, passive play, morning sport
  • Paid optional activities: Coding club, Guitar, Piano


After a period of consultation and careful consideration, a decision

has been made by the Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic Schools

(SACS) Board to change the name of the Catholic Education Office

(CEO) Sydney to ‘Sydney Catholic Schools’ (SCS). This name

change reflects the focus of the organisation’s new strategic 

New Horizons: Inspiring Hearts and Minds, which places 

schools at 
the heart of its vision and mission.

The name change took effect from 1 January 2016. It is not 

expected that the change of name will have any impact on the 

ongoing operations of the organisation or our school.