Student Wellbeing

St Peter Chanel supports students in all aspects of their spiritual, physical, emotional and mental development through a variety of school programs.

Recognition of Student Achievement

Star of the Week

Class teachers select student work for display in the school foyer. Work is commended for effort, improvement and educational, creative or artistic merit.


  • During the morning assembly, students are commended for their in-school and out-of-school cultural, creative and sporting achievements. Student birthdays are also acknowledged at this time.
  • At the Kinder-Year 2 and Year 3-Year 6 Friday afternoon assemblies students receive awards for their classroom effort and achievement.

Very Important Person (VIP) Awards

Students receive VIP awards in recognition of their playground behaviour, attitude and helpfulness they show towards other students and teachers.

Classroom Programs

The Bounce Back and Bluearth programs are integrated into the school’s Personal Development, Health and Physical Education program.

Bounce Back

Bounce Back focuses on classroom strategies and activities that teach students positive social and emotional skills. The program promotes positive mental health and wellbeing in students, enabling them to act resiliently when faced with challenges and adversity. Teachers use Bounce Back to instil the core values of honesty, fairness, responsibility, support, cooperation, acceptance of difference, respect friendliness and inclusion. 


The Bluearth program has four key elements: self-awareness, self-acceptance, purposefulness and self-responsibility to optimise healthy learning and development. The Bluearth approach encourages engagement in physical activity and promotes healthy individual development.

Special Programs

Men’s Shed

Boys in Years 5 and 6 attend eight sessions at the Regents Park Men’s Shed to work with older male residents and to develop skills in woodwork. This provides an opportunity to work with and witness good role models in a variety of situations.

St Vincent de Paul Society Assisting Refugee Kids (SPARK)

The SPARK program conducted at St Peter Chanel, receives funding from the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship. All access to the program follows strict guidelines. The St Vincent de Paul Society trains volunteers to assist students from refugee backgrounds with social skills, homework and conversational English. Our school organises the students and provides the library space and teacher supervision.


The Seasons for Growth program supports young people to understand and manage the issues they experience because of the loss of a parent or other significant person through death, separation or divorce. The program focuses on understanding the effects of change, loss and grief and specifically develops skills in communication, decision-making and problem-solving. The program aims to promote resilience, enhance coping resources and develop life skills in students.

Homework Club

The SPC Homework Club is held on Wednesday mornings. Students are encouraged to attend and complete their homework activities with teacher, parent, library and ICT assistance.

Computer Club

The Teacher Librarian provides students with the opportunity to join extra curricular computer club sessions.

Chess Club

Students are welcome to attend Chess Club on Mondays at lunchtime in the school library.

Library Lunch Time / Recess Activities

The school playground areas and library are available for students to interact with other students playing similar games and activities.

  • Monday lunchtime: Chess Club
  • Tuesday lunchtime: Library - reading books and computer access
  • Wednesday–Friday lunchtime: activities with games and construction equipment
  • Monday–Friday: Quad and equipment areas have various types of equipment which encourages students to socially interact with one another and be creative in their play
  • Monday – Friday: Park area running games.