For Students

St Mary-St Joseph Catholic School fosters a caring nurturing environment for our students. The school endeavours to promote a healthy, supportive and secure environment for all our children. Currently, St Mary-St Joseph has eleven classes from Kindergarten to Year 6. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are given leadership opportunities to develop their confidence in a range of situations.

Leadership Team

As important members of the school community, students are valued for the contributions they can make to the school. Leadership potential is encouraged and supported.

The School Leadership Team comprises of School Captain, Vice Captain and Prefects. Examples of the responsibilities of the School Leadership Team are leading the weekly assembly, joining appropriate committees, delivering special occasion addresses and votes of thanks, and demonstrating school spirit.

Student Representative Council

Students have the opportunity to be part of the Student Representative Council (SRC) from Kindergarten to Year 6. These students are voted in by their peers. The SRC is involved in fundraising initiatives and represents the school at community-based events. The SRC meets regularly at lunchtime to discuss school issues and events, taking part in a school leadership skills program. This is facilitated by staff.