Our School


Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School has excellent facilities, including:

  • a peace garden
  • a large playground with three grass areas, basketball court, handball courts and passive play
  • a multi-purpose hall
  • a music room
  • interactive whiteboards in all classrooms and hall
  • a well-resourced library with computers and internet access
  • a covered outdoor learning area
  • natural and leafy surroundings
  • vegetable garden and chickens.

Library and Learning Centre

The library is a centre of learning at Sacred Heart.

Library lessons foster co-operative learning and aim to enhance students' inquiry and Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills.

All classes attend the library on a regular basis for a lesson and/or borrowing session. Students can access the library catalogue and resources from school and at home using ‘Oliver’, our online Library Management System. A link to Oliver can be found on the students’ intranet page or by following the link Oliver.

Sacred Heart students regularly undertake the Premier's Reading Challenge. Information regarding the Challenge can be accessed from the official website Premier's Reading Challenge.