There is a major emphasis on a contemporary learning environment with technology as a key component of both teacher delivery and student engagement in learning.

Our teaching and learning curriculum is based on seven Key Learning Areas:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Human Society and It Environment
  • Science and Technology
  • Personal Development/Health/Physical Education
  • Creative And Practical Arts

Some initiatives in our school include:

  • Grade Masses, Class Reconciliation and Whole School Feast Day Celebrations
  • Teaching and learning practices to include contemporary technologies such as personal computers, interactive whiteboards, microphones, mp3 players, ipods, ipads, digital cameras, video cameras, online Web 2 tools and much more.
  • Specialist gymnastics teachers deliver a gymnastics program
  • Specialist dance teachers deliver a dance / fitness program
  • Learn to swim program during Term Four.
  • School facilities include a well resourced library, large hall, pleasant air-conditioned classrooms, specialist rooms for ESL (English as a Second Language), Special Education, Reading Recovery, and Literacy Support.
  • Many whole school activities including: Sacred Heart Feast Day, Talent Show, Sports Carnival, Activities Day, Mixed Up Dress Up Day, Book Week celebrations, Literacy and Numeracy Week activities.

Religious Education

  • Storytelling
  • To Know, Worship and Love texts


The school has a strong emphasis on English with support given to every child through:

  • Class Programs
  • Specialist ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers
  • The LFTT Project (Language Features of Text Types)
  • Bilingual Teachers
  • QuickSmart Literacy


  • Numeracy Strategy
  • QuickSmart Maths

Human Society and It Environment / Science and Technology

Excursions and incursions to support units of work and to consolidate learning

Personal Development/Health/Physical Education

  • Bounce Back Resilience Program
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Gymnastics & Dance
  • Swimming
  • Connections with outside agencies

Creative And Practical Arts

  • Art and Drama lessons
  • Contributions to school Masses, liturgies and prayer assemblies
  • Talent Quest