School Wide Pedagogy

Guiding Principles

Statement of Belief

We value a learning environment that is:

Quality Learning Environment

  • Engaging, positive, supportive, safe and inclusive.

  • Flexible, collaborative, organised and well resourced.

  • Supportive of independence, displays and celebrates learning and provides a range of scaffolds and models.

  • Welcoming, organised and well maintained to support student engagement.

  • Contemporary, flexible and inspiring to support student engagement.

  • Access to a suitable range of resources, particularly technology.

We value learning experiences that;

Quality Learning Experiences

  • are meaningful, purposeful,contextual and relevant to life experiences

  • are motivating, engaging, collaborative and inspiring

  • are data informed, planned collaboratively, explicit, scaffolded, encourage risk taking and success orientated.

  • have a strong oral language focus and allow for the gradual release of responsibility (GRoR)

  • Student centered, dynamic and differentiated in response to the diverse needs of the students.

  • Designed to engage students in purposeful and challenging experiences that inspire lifelong learning.

  • Collaboratively planned, in response to data to build on existing knowledge and provide opportunities to develop skills in understanding, thinking and creativity.

  • Strategically planned and employ interactive and communicative classroom strategies for the continuing development of oral language.

We value teachers who;


  • are passionate, motivated, innovative, knowledgeable, flexible and open to learning

  • are explicit, challenge, scaffold, set high expectation

  • set realistic goals and clearly articulate learning intentions

  • monitor learning and provide timely, constructive feedback

  • build student relationships and have high respect for students.

  • Life long learners who are committed to whole school and student improvement.

  • Proficient at creating an optimal classroom climate for learning.

  • Collaborate as reflective practitioners to improve learning and teaching, informed by relevant data.

  • Adept at monitoring student problems and assessing level of progress and provide relevant feedback.

  • Develop positive relationships and have a thorough knowledge of students and how they learn.

We value students who are:


  • Self motivated, passionate, engaged, collaborative and effective communicators.

  • Inquisitive, ask questions and engage in inquiry and problem solving.

  • Positive, confident, organised and connected to their school.

  • Effective communicators who make connections and grow through opportunities to wonder, think, create.

  • Independent and collaborative learners, who experience growth and success through risk taking and reflection.

  • Thrive in a learning community of trust, friendship, pride and purpose.