About Us

School Prayer

Jesus, you said
'Learn of me'.
Teach us to be loving
in everything we do
to use our special gifts
as we try to follow you
as we listen, play
learn or pray
may we grow closer to you
every day


Sacred Heart is a Catholic primary school that is part of the Sydney Archdiocese. The school is located on Gilmore Street, Cabramatta, and lies within the grounds of the Sacred Heart church and parish.

Currently, 540 students are enrolled at Sacred Heart. The majority of these students come from non-English speaking families, and have a predominantly Vietnamese cultural background. More than forty other cultures are also represented, making Sacred Heart School a truly multicultural educational setting.

Sacred Heart School’s motto is ‘Learn of Me,’ and the staff are dedicated to ensuring that the Gospel messages and teachings of Jesus are evident daily in the spiritual and educational dimensions of the school. Sacred Heart is a unique community of students, staff and parents who share the common goal of achieving educational excellence and full spiritual growth towards knowing and loving Jesus fully.


The school was established in 1935 and staffed by the Sisters of Charity. The Sisters had a presence in the school until 2012. 

The first classrooms were in a converted army hut, but by 1960 several brick and weatherboard buildings had been constructed, often through voluntary labour.

A significant feature of the school since the 1940s has been the multicultural clientele. The mix of immigrant groups has changed over the years. After World War 2 they were mainly from southern and eastern Europe, but since the 1970s more families have come from South America and south-east Asia.

During 2015-16 the school undertook a major capital works project, partially funded with Federal Government funds. The project repurposed and re-organised both parish and school buildings, simplifying their use across the site. Three existing learning blocks were amalgamated under one roof to create a contemporary learning environment with a Learning Common at its heart.