St Charles Catholic Primary School is committed to continuous review and improvement in order to ensure excellence in teaching

and learning. There are seven Key Learning Areas taught at St Charles Catholic Primary School Ryde. Religious Education is an integral part of the K-6 curriculum. During 2014 the school has implemented the New National Curriculum in the key learning area of English. Mathematics and Science are being implemented this year, 2015 with History and Geography in 2016. 

Religious Education

The Religious Education Syllabus is central to the learning life of students at St Charles linked very closely with our St Charles Borromeo Parish, where the whole school attends grade Masses each fortnight.

Topics include Liturgical Seasons, the Church, Prayer, Mission and Justice and relationships with Self, Others and the World. Students engage and respond to key scripture stories and learn formal and informal prayer. Students and their families are supported in this through the use of the resource books To Know Worship and Love, which is a compulsory text.


English provides all students the opportunity to become confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens. They develop a toolbox of reading and comprehension skills to read and view written, spoken, visual and multimodal texts. Students learn to apply critical thought when responding and composing to a range of texts and use grammar, punctuation and spelling conventions accurately. At St Charles all aspects of Literacy are valued including speaking and listening effectively in a variety of situations, proficient development of NSW Foundation Handwriting skills and key information technology skills. Ultimately we strive to develop a love of Literature with a high priority placed on daily reading for all students.  


Mathematics explores the concepts of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. These topics span the basics of number, patterns, position, shape, data, chance and measurement using informal and formal skills. At St Charles these content areas are embedded in rich learning tasks using a variety of materials and equipment that develop skills of communication, problem solving, reasoning, understanding and fluency. 

Science & Technology

Science develops students abilities to use skills of enquiry, investigating, designing and problem-solving. Students are encouraged to apply these skills to gain knowledge and understanding about natural and modified environments and people's interaction with them. Science involves acquiring knowledge of design processes and understanding the interaction of technology and society. 

Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE)

The HSIE curriculum is now broken into History and Geography. 

In History student investigate personal, family and community history including an understanding of Australia's indigenous and colonial history and how Australia has become a nation. Student will learn about historical concepts such as viewing an historical event from different perspectives and historical skills such as using a variety of historical sources for investigations. 

In Geography students investigate people, places and environments. They will explore geographical concepts, such as place and sustainability, through real world examples and issues. Students will learn how to acquire, process, and communicate geographical information using geographical tools and investigation. 

Creative Arts

Creative Arts is a multifaceted KLA involving Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. In all aspects of Creative Arts students work to develop technical competence and skills of designing and performing by appreciating and investigating other art forms. They learn to self-express in response to creative stimuli. 

Personal Development, Health & Physical Education 

This involves learning to develop an active healthy lifestyle especially in creating thorough knowledge of what a healthy lifestyle is and developing skills in positive interpersonal relationships and positive values, attitudes and beliefs. St Charles follows Restorative Justice Procedures to build right relationships and uses the Bounce Back Program to promote resilience in their children. At St Charles students are provided with a range of opportunities to engage in physical activity that teaches them fundamental movement skills, team skills and fun!