For Parents

Parents Charter

The Parents Charter has been designed to support the vision, mission and pedagogical beliefs of St Charles School.

Parents will:

  1. Support their children in their educational and faith development.
  2. Ensure they maintain an open and honest line of communication with teachers.
  3. Encourage their children to be involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
  4. Provide their children with a wide range of rich learning experiences to assist in developing them as global citizens.
  5. Reinforce the school’s five expectations as a means of supporting their child’s wellbeing.
  6. Support their children’s learning experiences through positive discussion and praise.
  7. Ensure that children are involved in Parish life and school activities.
  8. Commit to be involved in fundraising events within the school and Parish community. 
  9. Be respectful of the role of teacher and ensure strong partnerships are maintained