About Us

St. Charles' Ryde is the primary school of St Charles Borromeo Catholic parish, Ryde. It shares the mission of the parish and Church: to proclaim and witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world.

Our school proclaims and witnesses to Jesus Christ by encouraging all within the school and parish community to grow in accordance with Christ's teachings, values attitudes and behaviours. As the parish school, the resources of St Charles Ryde are the resources of the St Charles Borromeo parish community.

The parish priest, in collaboration with the school principal, staff and parents is responsible for the faith development of the students of the primary school - their religious education, their preparation for and reception of the sacraments and their initiation into the liturgical life of the Church.

The religious education program taught in the school is based on the document "To Know, Worship & Love". Since the sacraments belong to the Church, the preparation of the children for, and their reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are activities of the whole parish community. The school works with the parish to assist parents, the primary educators of their children in the faith, in accompanying their children towards and beyond the first reception of these sacraments.

We believe that what makes our school a Catholic community is not only the external signs, which distinguish us as Catholic, but also the quality of our community life.

In serving the local Church by reflecting the Kingdom of Christ in our structures, our ambitions, our celebrations, our care for each other, our approach to the outside community, our curriculum, our worship - we are a truly Catholic Community.