Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Educating for life long learning within an inclusive Catholic community.

As partners in Catholic education, we commit ourselves to:

  • celebrating being Catholic in Australia through the recognition that Jesus Christ is central to our lives and by imparting Catholic beliefs, values, practices and traditions within a faith-filled community
  • ensuring quality teaching and learning through the promotion of a professional learning community and the provision of a relevant and challenging contemporary curriculum which meets individual learning needs
  • making a difference in our world by fostering the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of each person and inspiring hope and a positive vision for the future.

Our Vision

Inspiring faith and learning through a culture of innovation.

St Catherine Labouré Catholic Primary School is a place where:

  • priority is given to personalising the faith formation of students, staff and parents in partnership with the parish.
  • high quality contemporary education for all learners is informed by educational measurement data and the process of strategic decision 
  • processes exist to build teacher capacity to effectively deliver a contemporary Australian Catholic curriculum.
  • the staff are supported in a growth promoting workplace which fosters authentic leadership.
  • teaching and learning is supported by the innovative use of resources in a contemporary and environmentally aware educational setting.
  • parents are authentically engaged as partners in student learning and well being. 
  • a culture of improvement, transformation and sustainability is promoted.
  • the eLearning environment and electronic communication are well resourced and supported by contemporary infrastructure and sustainable ICT systems.

St Catherine Labouré School Prayer 

Written by the students of St Catherine Labouré Catholic Primary School, 2014

God, our Loving Father,
We thank you for our school community of 
St Catherine Labouré. 
Help us to grow together in 
unity, friendship and learning; 
where everyone feels welcomed, 
respected and loved. 
Guide us to act justly and care for our environment 
while we grow in faith. 

We pray for our families, teachers, 
priests and for each other. 
Help us to be more like your Son, Jesus, 
in all that we say and do. 
May the Holy Spirit inspire us to lead lives 
of goodness and grace. 

Our Motto

'Unity, Friendship and Learning'