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When you choose one of our 114 primary schools for your child, you ensure they will spend some of their most formative years in a nurturing, faith-filled environment where they’ll be primed to succeed. 

All of the below schools are overseen by Sydney Catholic Schools as part of our low-fee system. Our Central and Regional Offices provide them with extensive resources and expert help so they can unlock every child’s potential.  

Our talented staff draw on the latest educational research to nurture every child’s individual learning, and ensure their life at school has the best possible beginning. Many schools offer specialised subjects like robotics and coding, ensuring children are prepared for the future right from the start.

Programs like Reading Recovery assist children who struggle to develop key skills in literacy and numeracy, and 48 schools across the Archdiocese of Sydney run the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program, which supports gifted children all the way from Kindergarten to Year 6.