Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

posted 24 Jul 2018, 16:34 by Chris Egan   [ updated 24 Jul 2018, 16:36 ]

Image result for mary mackillop image Parents are welcome to join as in celebrating our school's Josephite charism on Wednesday 8th August - the Feast of St Mary of the Cross Mackillop. Mass commences at 9:15am.

Welcome Back to School Parish/School Mass and BBQ

posted 19 Feb 2018, 13:31 by Chris Egan

All our families are welcome to attend the Parish 10am Mass on Sunday 25th February. After Mass we will have a community BBQ on the grassed area adjacent to the new Year 6 classrooms.
We look forward to seeing many of you there.

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Opening School Mass

posted 5 Feb 2017, 18:48 by Chris Egan   [ updated 29 Jan 2018, 16:43 by Peter Busch ]

Parents are welcome to attend our 2018 Opening School Mass on Friday 9th February. Mass will commence at 9:15am in the parish church.


posted 14 Feb 2016, 17:17 by Chris Egan   [ updated 29 Jan 2018, 16:47 by Peter Busch ]

Regina Coeli Swimming Carnival

posted 8 Nov 2015, 19:46 by Chris Egan   [ updated 15 Feb 2016, 18:05 ]

 Parents are reminded that our annual swimming carnival is on Friday 4 December. Please return permission/event nomination notes as soon as possible.

Grandparents Mass

posted 11 Jul 2015, 22:08 by Chris Egan

Grandparents Mass and Open Classrooms Friday 24 July. All our grandparents are welcome to join us. 

We support the people of Nepal

posted 6 May 2015, 03:13 by Chris Egan   [ updated 15 Feb 2016, 18:06 ]

 On Friday 15 May we will have a gold-coin mufti day to support the people of Nepal in rebuilding their country. Please dress in the colours of Nepal.

Happy Mother's Day

posted 6 May 2015, 03:10 by Chris Egan   [ updated 6 May 2015, 03:11 ]

 We wish all our mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers and other motherly figures in the lives of our students, a very special Mothers Day on Sunday.

The Season of Lent has arrived

posted 19 Feb 2015, 01:54 by Chris Egan   [ updated 19 Feb 2015, 01:56 ]

Lent - a time to pray, fast and give generously to those in need. May we be the best Lenten people we can be.

2015 School Year

posted 16 Jan 2015, 17:17 by Chris Egan

School resumes for all students on Wednesday 28 January. We look forward to commencing another successful year at Regina Coeli.

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