Welcome to Regina Coeli's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) K-6 

This site has been created to support parents, teachers and students with the various aspects and resources connected with our BYOD Program.


Children today are growing up in a world where technology is everywhere. This technology is not exciting to them as it might be for us, as it is a part of their world and they don’t know what it’s like to live without it.

“The goal with using technology in education is not simply to use technology to reproduce things we COULD already do without it, but to find entirely new ways to do things that we COULD NOT do without it. So while using [tablets] to take notes, read books and look things up online are all worthwhile and valid uses, the really powerful learning will come from getting the students to interact with data, ideas and skills that could not be previously done without them” (

Digital citizenship

All students must read and accept both the BYOD Student Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy with their parents/guardian at the start of every school year before commencing the BYOD program.