Vision and Mission


Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School is a dynamic Catholic community which encompasses the teachings of Jesus. We proclaim the belief that through faith and love, our community will grow and support each other on life's journey.

We are a school where:

  • the Word of God is proclaimed, developed and celebrated
  • students' uniqueness is recognised through opportunities to achieve their potential
  • mutually respectful relationships, based on Gospel values, are the basis of the teaching and learning process
  • the skills and talents of staff and students are acknowledged, developed and celebrated
  • the school ensures the equitable and fair distribution of resources, finance and facilities to benefit all students
  • a positive partnership between the school, parents, parish and wider community leads to enhanced learning and recognition of diversity
  • the strategic management processes drive and reflect the Vision and Mission of our school
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is integrated and responsibly to empower life-long learning.


As partners in Catholic education, we commit ourselves to our students by:

  • celebrating being Catholic in Australia
  • ensuring quality teaching and learning
  • making a difference in our world
  • serving the Church and the community through word and action, inspired by the charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and Mary MacKillop
  • proclaiming our school motto of faith and love
  • supporting and nurturing the individual needs of each child.