Professional learning modules

Dr Michael Bezzina Director of Teaching and Learning, CEO Sydney 2013-2017

The professional learning modules are designed as a springboard to support teachers as they engage with the NESA Syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum. This engagement will not only provide opportunities for us to reflect on our current pedagogy, but guide our future teaching practice so as to meet the needs of our diverse learners in this changing world

The professional learning modules include;
  • an inquiry question to frame our exploration.
  • a range of learning sequences with multimodal stimulus, collaborative and individual strategies.
  • a reflection component that brings the learning sequences together. This component calls us to rethink pedagogy and reshape the work we do around teaching and learning.
  • a leaders of learning guide to assist the facilitation of the learning sequences. This includes any preparation requirements and may include further optional readings.
The leaders of learning overview outlines the underpinning principles of leading learning. This document prefaces the approach taken to engage colleagues as they explore the NESA Syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum.
Modules 6–12 are subject specific.
Module 1
Syllabuses for the 
Australian Curriculum

Module 2
The general
Module 3
The cross–curriculum priorities 
other NESA learnin
Module 4 
and planning
Module 5
Module 6
English K–6
Module 7
English 7–10
Module 8
Mathematics 7–10
Module 9
Science 7–10
Module 10
HSIE History 7–10
Module 11
Mathematics K–6
History 1 K-6 
 Online Cours
History 2 K-6
             Online Course
Geography 1 K-6 
Online Course
     Geography 2 K-6 
      Online  Course

The following modules accompany the initial K–6 subject-specific modules. 

Module 6(ii)
English K–6
Module 11(ii)
Mathematics K–6
Authentic Learning
Catholic Values