Sydney Catholic Schools Sport

for primary schools

Welcome to Sydney Catholic Schools Sport

for Primary Schools

Sydney Catholic Schools mission

is to know and love Christ through learning. Our vision is to create centres of excellence as well as inclusive communities. We value truth, collaboration, excellence, empathy and curiosity.

Sydney Catholic Schools

has a strong belief that sport is for everybody, not just for the elite athlete. With this in mind, SCS offer an inclusive and vast variety of sports for students to enjoy in both competitive and non-competitive settings. These sports are open to all primary school children with competitive representation beginning at 8 years of age.

Our sporting conferences

select representative teams or individuals which provides talented students with an opportunity to trial for higher level representation that may then lead to State and National competitions. These pathways ensure that students with talent are identified and offered the opportunity to enhance their ability through development camps, further training and competition.

Our non-competitive sports programs

focus on teaching fundamental skills in a variety of sports, while instilling the values of discipline, teamwork, respect, integrity and fair play.