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Gifted and Talented

Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield offers a broad curriculum that caters for a wide range of student interests and abilities. The Curriculum at the College is designed to foster, in each student, a love of learning and a desire to reach their full potential. Learning in an authentic Catholic community must be purposeful, enjoyable and challenging. The staff of Patrician Brothers’ College, Fairfield is committed to academic excellence, through quality pedagogy, student well being and through pastoral care. Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield seeks to enhance the learning gains of all students.

At Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield, we believe that quality teaching and learning are integral to promoting our gifted and talented students by:

·      Ensuring Quality Teaching and Learning

·      Providing a stimulating and challenging curriculum which links faith and culture

·      Providing opportunities to gifted and talented students to excel in their natural abilities across curriculum areas

·      Encouraging students to engage in meaningful activities enabling them to pursue their own interests

·      Focusing on student centered learning that addresses the particular needs of gifted boys

·      Identifying gifted students using appropriate and defensible methods.

At Patrician Brothers’ College we use various of identification tools for our selective stream including Robert Allwell and Associates assessment of General Reasoning, Mathematics, Reading, Spelling and Writing, NAPLAN results, achievement test results in KLAs, MYAT academic testing, TORCH test results and teacher identification. This information is used diagnostically to help us identify students' gifts and talents.

At the College, we encourage our students to explore their individual gifts and talents by offering a variety of initiatives to support and provide opportunities to develop into committed, independent learners. In order to achieve this, we recognise that our gifted students require qualitatively different learning experiences, tailored to their individual needs. Some of these opportunities and initiatives include:

·      Acceleration through the grades in Mathematics, ICT and Music.

·      Selective classes in Stage 4 and 5.

·      Specially Designed Enrichment & Extension Programs/Classes

·      Secondary Schools Chess Competition

·      CSDA Debating and Public Speaking Competitions

·      Scientia Challenge

·      Murder under the Microscope

·      Tournament of Minds

·      Mock Trials

·      Science STARS Challenge

·      Australian Brain Bee Challenge (University of Western Sydney)

·      Science and Engineering Challenge (University of Newcastle)

·      Spelling Competition

·      Blake Prize (Visual Arts)

·      Independent research projects in History and Science

·      Artraegous, Public Art Competitions

·      Gifted and Talented Philosophy Conference

·      Formula One Challenge

·      National Geographic JASON project

·      Australian School Science, English, Maths and Computer Competitions

·      Westpac Australian Mathematics Competition

·      Language Competitions

·      Sparkathon

·      Year 7-12 Annual Academic Awards Ceremonies

·      Minds on Maths (CEO)

·      The Write Stuff (CEO)