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College Crest

From the beginning of human society, badges and crests have played an important role in the corporate and individual lives of people. They have been emblems which have served as rallying points as well as allowing people individually to identify with the values the crest or badge has represented. The same has been the case with the College Crest. It has been a focal point at inter-school fixtures; it gives students and staff an emblem of common identification. From its inception the crest of Patrician Brothers' College, Fairfield has been prominent in the School's many activities.

When the College was formed in 1953, its first Principal, Brother Peter Johnson, sought a badge for the School which would fulfill two major purposes: it would identify the College with the Parish in which it was situated and, secondly, it would give expression to the faith which has inspired the Patrician Brothers since their incorporation as a Brotherhood. The designer of the College Crest was a student named Mick Turski in 1953.

The Parish Church of Fairfield is named Our Lady of the Rosary so it was natural, therefore, that some reference could be made to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The Patrician Brothers give special dedication to Mary. Brother Peter took the first letter of Mary's name and placed it in a shield - the symbol of Our Lady's protection - the form of a series of golden beads to represent the special devotion to Mary - the Rosary. This also allowed the association between Parish and College to be a recognisable bond to those allied with the School and to the community of Fairfield. Above the shield is placed a crown. This emphasises Mary's status as the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of Christ the King. It also reminds us of the heavenly crown of victory which awaits those who persevere in the Christian life. The crest is completed by a Rosary of gold to complete the bond between Parish Faith and College. Gold is the most prized of all metals. It signifies the great value placed upon the basic values in the Prayer of the Rosary, the Prayer Mary gave to the Church. Patrician Brothers' College, Fairfield has strong, positive traditions; its crest embodies these traditions for all to see.

All can join with pride under its crest and its motto. "Maria Duce"