Our Canteen

We aim to provide a varied menu of nutritious food options that will keep the children satisfied and working well and give you a viable option to a home prepared lunch.

Our school canteen adheres to the Healthy Kids Association guidelineswww.healthy-kids.com.au which helps schools run successful healthy school canteens.

The operating days for the Canteen are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Canteen Convenor: Linda Lewis

How to Order

Please write your order on a paper bag and include the correct amount of money. Write your order on the bottom half of the bag and fold to keep the money secure. Paper bags are available for purchase - add 10c per bag.

Orders must put into the tub by first bell on the morning of canteen. 

Helping Out – We Need You!

The canteen is run by volunteers and assistance is needed to keep it running each week. It is a great place to catch up or make new friends and your children will love seeing you behind the counter. If you are interested, please contact the school office.

Our school recognises that there are children in the school community who have severe food allergies and addresses this in the following ways:

  • No sharing of food
  • No nuts.
  • Check with your class teacher for any other allergies