For Parents

School Community

There is a high level of parental interest and involvement in the life of the school. Many parents assist in classrooms across a range of Key Learning Areas as well as with excursions and special events. The Parents and Friends association is committed and supportive. Members organise the fund-raising and social activities, as well as running a second-hand uniform shop. The school is firmly embedded within the Parish with excellent links and support.

Parents and Friends

This association (P & F) recognises and values the role that parents play in the education of their children, and aims to strengthen the partnership between family, school, parish and the wider community for the benefit of all our children’s overall development and learning.

The Executive of the P & F meets once each term, and there is a general meeting every term. At these meetings, relevant school-related issues are discussed, and plans for future social activities and fund-raising are made.

Key Needs of the School

An Annual Plan is devised and reviewed each year, focusing on key needs within each area of priority. Our focus is on pedagogy (the art of teaching to cater for the diverse needs of students). Ensuring that quality teaching and learning occurs is a major focus. In each classroom, the Numeracy Strategy and the Archdiocesan RE Curriculum are becoming firmly embedded. Literacy and curriculum differentiation remain an on-going focus. Restorative Justice underpins our whole pastoral care policy with a focus on consistent and fair discipline. At all times, we strive to ensure that there is a consistency of approach which results in optimal learning opportunities for our children.


The staff is committed to providing quality teaching and learning programs. The school provides special education five days per week, Reading Recovery and Library five days per week. 

There are specialist Performing Arts and PDHPE teachers who provide the regular class teachers with their mandatory relief from face-to-face teaching (RFF). 

The Leadership Team consists of the Principal, the Assistant Principal, the Religious Education Co-ordinator, the E-learning Co-ordinator and the Mathematics Co-ordinator. We also have teacher assistants who work in a variety of areas over the five days.  Classes are also assisted through the employment of a third teacher across the grade.