Vision and Mission

Vision for learning

Learning at Our Lady, Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, Miranda, is defined by our history.  Founded on faith in Jesus Christ, it:

· Seeks meaning

·  Accepts difference

· Is inspired by passion


At Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, in the spirit of the Sisters of St Joseph (California), we shine the light of God's love:

  • Through bold faith-
*Living the Gospel values through our actions and attitude
*Participating with commitment to the life of the school and Parish

  • In service to others
*Being good stewards of the environment
*Reaching out to others locally and globally
*Fostering peaceful relations
  • With unity of purpose
*Developing respectful authentic relationships through meaningful connections
*Working together as an educational community
  • By education that inspires
*Developing a shared Vision for Learning
*Implementing a challenging and diverse curriculum
*Creating learning spaces that reflect current pedagogy
  • For life-long learning 

*Modelling continuous learning
*Engaging in professional learning that shares expertise within, across and beyond school communities