Vision and Mission

Vision for learning

At Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, in the spirit of the Sisters of St Joseph (California), we shine the light of God’s love:

  • Through bold faith
  • In service to others
  • With unity of purpose
  • By education that inspires
  • For life-long learning
  • We will give expression to our Mission by...

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Living the Gospel values through our actions and attitudes

Participating with commitment to the life of the school and Parish


Being good stewards of the environment

Reaching out to others locally and globally

Fostering peaceful relations


Developing respectful authentic relationships through meaningful connections

Working together as an educational community

Education that inspires

Developing a shared Vision for Learning

Implementing a challenging and diverse curriculum

Creating learning spaces that reflect current pedagogy

Making creative use of available resources

For life-long learning

Modelling continuous learning by providing a stimulating and challenging curriculum which links Faith and culture

Inspiring hope and a positive vision for the future

Engaging in professional learning that shares expertise within, across and beyond school communities