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Religious Dimension

Father John Greig, the Parish Priest of Miranda and Sylvania as well as Episcopal Vicar of the Shire, is very supportive of the school and liases with the teaching staff to plan class and whole school Masses. Students attend Mass at least three times each term and Reconciliation once a term from Years 2 to 6. All Sacraments are Parish based, students receive Reconciliation in Year 2, First Eucharist in Year 3 and Confirmation in Year 6. We also celebrate prayer assemblies, staff prayer and enjoy parent involvement at our school Liturgies.

Sydney Catholic Schools has developed a Religious Education syllabus that informs the teaching of Religion throughout the school. Regular formal and informal occasions are used to bring the students to an understanding of their heritage and faith. Integration with other areas of curriculum is fundamental and the “hidden” curriculum provides a Christian atmosphere in which all learning takes place.

Your decision to send your child to our Catholic school carries the responsibility of supporting our Religious Education curriculum. Hand in hand with parents and our Parish Priest, we endeavour to provide our students with an awareness of God’s ever abiding and personal love for each of us. We endeavour to bring them to a knowledge and love of God made man in Jesus Christ. We endeavour to develop in our students’ daily prayer and interaction with their God.

The example of Christ will be the motivation for our students. Our hope is to develop people who are fully human and fully Christian; people who have a deep sense of responsibility to God, to His Church and to His people. Our religious Education takes place both formally and informally within the classroom and the whole school situation.

The School

Planning for Religious Education considers the whole school environment. The behaviour and interaction between staff, students, parents and visitors inside and outside the classroom should reflect the Gospel values.

The Classroom

Each class participates daily in different experiences of Religious Education, using the Archdiocesan Religious Education curriculum and the text “To Know, Worship and Love.”

The Rosary


Prayer forms a very special part of classroom and school life. Prayer strengthens faith development and commitment to God. During prayer or liturgy times, the students use traditional prayers as well as more modern forms. Students are also encouraged to pray at home and visit the church with their parents on their way to and from school.

School Masses and Liturgies

On special Feast Days or celebrations students attend Mass as a whole school. Students also regularly go to Reconciliation and participate in Class Masses. They are actively involved in these Masses through reading, singing, listening and creating artwork. Parents are most welcome to join us as we celebrate this most special prayer of all - the Eucharistic Sacrifice of the Mass. We also encourage parents in their responsibility to take their children to Mass each weekend where they learn to participate in a meaningful and respectful way in Church along with the Parish community.

Graduation Mass – Year 6

Year 6 students celebrate the end of their primary school years with a Graduation Mass, planned and organised by the Year 6 teachers which is held in Term 4.