For Students

Student Population

The school caters for girls and boys from Kindergarten to Year 6. Student enrolment in 2019 is 433 students comprising a 50/50 gender balance. The average class size is 30 with a range from 27 – 34. Each year group is two-stream, however, this may vary from year to year. Students come from a wide variety of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Enrolment is conditional on meeting the requirements of the School Enrolment Policy. Of the school’s student population, approximately 50% come from a language background other than English, with the majority of these being 2nd phase learners.

Student Safety

Each teacher is responsible for the safety of the students in their care. All school policies are developed with student safety as a prime focus. Students are not permitted to enter a classroom before school, at recess or lunch unless a teacher or support staff accompanies them. Playground supervision is organised to ensure all students can feel safe and enjoy play. Students are not permitted to carry heavy objects such as computers or monitors.

Student Leadership

As part of their development, students are encouraged to take up a leadership role. This enables them to gain self-confidence and to offer their services to the community. The range of leadership opportunities includes:

  • School Captains – one boy and one girl
  • School Vice Captains - one boy and one girl
  • House colour captains 
  • Value leaders
  • Peer Support leaders and buddies – all Year 6
  • Student Advisory Council –two boys and two girls per class serving for two terms

Sun Safety

This policy includes the wearing of a school hat at both lunch and recess breaks and during sport lessons. Students are permitted to apply sunscreen provided from home.