Volunteer Procedures

There are new procedures for parents who wish to volunteer for Drop off & Pick up Zone, Kindy PMP & Reading, Excursions, Uniform shop, Class Parent, and any other child related service. 

When does a Volunteer in a School need a Check?

Persons seeking to volunteer in an SCS school must complete an application form to volunteer, be registered and attend an induction for volunteers at the school. It is expected that all volunteers (including parents, family members, carers, clergy and religious) will support this process if they wish to be approved to volunteer in an SCS school. Relevant forms for volunteers will be provided by the school.

The old volunteer forms are no longer valid therefore even if you have already completed a form and attended an induction, you will have to redo both of these.
  • You will need to complete a SCS Volunteer application form attached below.
  • You will also need to attend a Child Protection inservice held at OLSH. 

Dates for the inservices will be advertised through the school newsletter. This declaration and your attendance at the inservice will be held in the office for future reference. Once you have completed the declaration once and the Volunteer inservice this is valid for your time at OLSH. However, this may change according to government and system policies and recommendations. If so, parents will be notified through the school newsletter.

Volunteer Form

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