Student Wellbeing

At Our Lady of the Rosary we are concerned for the total wellbeing of students, together with the development of the whole

person within the context of the family, school, parish and wider community.We aim to provide a place where children feel safe and secure in a supportive environment and where a sense of belonging and wellbeing is fostered and strengthened. We strive to develop in our students positive social behaviours and problem-solving skills.

The school implements support structures and programs to prioritise and address the identified needs of individual students or the school as a whole, such as:

  • 'seasons' program 
  • special education
  • enrichment program
  • school assemblies
  • Buddies (Kindergarten with Year 5 and Year 1 with Year 6)
  • Student leadership and the SRC
  • Student Awards
  • Social skills
  • Transition programs
  • Parent information sessions including Open Classrooms, Kindy Orientation.