At OLR the constant message to our students and to the school community is that everyone has a right to be treated with dignity

and respect. This message is communicated through our daily interactions. Our Lady of the Rosary has a range of service and outreach programmes.

Two significant projects are our School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) and the partnership formed with our sister school St Patrick’s on Yule Island in Papua New Guinea. Our SEMP has encouraged us to a commitment to a change of heart and behaviour through practical participation in activities, for example, ‘Nude Food’ and ‘No Power Hour’. The partnership with St Patrick’s has encouraged a ‘global’ understanding and appreciation of the dignity of the human person through tangible interactions with real people.

These major undertakings are in addition to the many other projects, including St Vincent de Paul, Gethsemane, Caritas and Mission Australia.

Outstanding citizenship is recognised at the Annual Presentation Night with awards from the school, parish, Parents and Friends Association, Rotary Club and our local Member of Parliament.


The community embraces and appreciates our ‘spirituality of the heart’. This is promoted through our rich visual symbols, icons, sacred spaces and expressions of prayer. The school take-home prayer bags and family prayer groups support our family’s faith journey and enrich our relationships with community.