Our Lady of the Rosary is a school with a strong sense of community. We pride ourselves on being ‘People of the Heart’ and we believe that this is demonstrated through the daily living out of our Vision and Mission Statements, where we strive to continue Jesus’ mission of love and service, aiming to unite people with God and with one another. We offer a Religious Education program which ensures that the students are the core business and the focus of our mission.

It is our goal that our students will:

  • grow in faith by developing their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic tradition
  • develop the skills needed to work as part of a cohesive community
  • act as stewards for our world
  • question, wonder, dream, create, reflect, laugh and sing so that they can be people of hope.

Our Lady of the Rosary has an integrated K-6 Curriculum Plan that is monitored regularly throughout the year by the School Leadership Team and the Management Teams. Two components which are vital to the success of the curriculum at OLR are:

  • co-operative planning, as it ensures that all teachers work in partnership to plan and develop rich and challenging learning programs
  • programming and Assessment Conferences which are used as a tool to challenge teachers’ thinking and promote reflective practice.