For Students

Students at Our Lady of the Rosary have the opportunity to engage in a large number of additional activities including:

  • School and Parish Masses
  • Student Leadership Program
  • Sacramental Programs
  • Specialist Sporting programs
  • Inter-School Cluster Sports and pathways
  • Gifted Education
  • Reading Recovery
  • CasPa
  • Public Speaking
  • Premier's Reading Challenge
  • Choir
  • Chess
  • Dance
  • Environmental stewardship
  • KidsMatter wellbeing program
  • Early Bird Reading 

Pastoral Care

Our Lady of the Rosary’s Vision Statement clearly places Christ as our centre and model and our expectations of the children reflect the values of the Gospel.

The overall care of a child includes not only the academic side of learning but also the emotional, spiritual and social. Personal, social, emotional and economic factors may all have a direct effect on children thereby affecting their learning and relationships with others. Our school is a KidsMatter school promoting student wellbeing.

As a learning community we are committed to making Our Lady of the Rosary a place where love, reconciliation and compassion are evident and where hope is not only dreamed about, but is real and practised.

For more information see the Sydney Catholic Schools Guidelines for Student Wellbeing, Pastoral Care and Behaviour Management.

Restorative Justice

Our Lady of the Rosary’s Discipline Policy is based on the Principles of Restorative Justice:

  • it is the responsibility of adults to facilitate the success of children.
  • when someone has done something that causes harm, there are many choices
  • ignore it and hope it goes away,
  • act tough and punish,
  • label, or
  • facilitate a process so peace can be restored for the person harmed, the person who did the harm and the community.

The goals of Restorative Justice are:

  • To improve roles of all key members of the school community – students, teachers and parents
  • To enhance academic performance – improved learning outcomes emerge out of positive relationships
  • To respond to the needs of students in our school who have extremely challenging behaviours in a manner that promotes inclusiveness
  • To develop skills in collaborative problem solving

Restorative Justice main aims are reconciliation and reparation. Students who break rules are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their behaviour, and to restore damaged relationships and material losses. Participation in Restorative Justice helps students to understand the consequences of their behaviour, and to realise that they have the power to make things right.

We encourage responsible, positive self-discipline.

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School is proudly a KidsMatter school.

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