Religious Education

Our Lady of the Rosary School fosters and nurtures the faith development of the students through Religious Education and religious formation. The teaching and learning of Religious Education is following the Archdiocesan Religious Education Curriculum. The teaching and learning environment is permeated by the Gospel values of love, justice, peace and forgiveness.


English is central to student's intellectual, social and emotional development and it has an essential role in all KLAs. Students who are competent and confident in English will be able to examine and reflect on their own experiences, feelings and ideas as well as those of others. Furthermore, language gives their everyday lives meaning and order and allows them to make informed judgements and decisions. Language enables an individual to explore thoughts and feelings and participate effectively in society.


Mathematics is a part of our culture and can be a part of our leisure. It is a source of interesting, appealing puzzles and problems. When Mathematics is enjoyable it encourages curiosity, exploration, discovery and invention.

Every child can experience enjoyment and a sense of challenge in the field of Mathematics. The National Statement for Australian Schools (1990) states that:

"While schooling cannot prepare people for all the Mathematics they are likely to need in their lives, it does have the responsibility to ensure that young people developed the competence, confidence and interest needed to become lifelong learners of Mathematics."

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE)

HSIE is taught at Our Lady of the Rosary to correlate with syllabus expectations. It brings understanding and reflection to the students about:

  • the school community's belief that HSIE reflects the interaction between students, their cultures, social and physical environments in a spirit of openess and tolerance
  • the school community's belief that HSIE allows the pupils to ask challenging questions, to be curious and to develop a lifelong love of learning
  • in HSIE the students learn inquiry skills which are meaningful, enables them to make responsible decisions about social, economic, religious, civic and environmental issues which may affect them now or in the future.

HSIE also promotes the development of skills and knowledge in other KLAs. Its focus is on the development of a sense of personal, community, national and global identity to enable the individual to participate as a responsible citizen who is capable of maintaining and improving the quality of his/her society and the environment.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology are integral parts of our lives and have provided the modern world with many inventions, conveniences and benefits. Change in our environment is a basic fact of life, and students must be equipped to be active participants in their ever-changing society. This Key Learning Area helps to prepare students so that they may make a positive contribution to the future social, environmental and economic welfare of Australia and the wider world.

At Our Lady of the Rosary we believe that the aim of Science and Technology is to develop in students competence, confidence and responsibility in their interactions with Science and Technology leading to:

  • an enriched view of themselves, society, the environment and the future.
  • an enthusiasm for further learning in Science and Technology

Creative Arts

Creative and Practical Arts is a significant Key Learning Area as it enables individuals to express their personal thoughts, ideas and feelings. It is an avenue of self-expression which facilitates the development of creativity through performance and presentation.

Through the exploration and manipulation of a variety of media and equipment, students are able to acquire new skills and develop and awareness and appreciation of the Arts.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

At Our Lady of the Rosary we believe that the knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes of the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus are acquired best when:

  • developed and treated in a Catholic Values context
  • a safe and secure environment is created where children can trust their teachers and peers
  • children are empowered with sufficient knowledge to make informed decisions
  • children's gifts and talents are recognised and nurtured
  • sensitive issues are handled in a discreet and confidential manner
  • issues and concepts arising from PDHPE lessons are linked to related issues and concepts from the children's Religious Education.

In this way PDHPE may be used to reinforce Catholic values. Students are involved in regular physical activity to develop skills and fitness.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

At Our Lady of the Rosary we believe that Technology and Multimedia applications should be an integral part of the learning environment. Modern technology such as iPads and high powered laptops are used across the school in all Key Learning Areas. For students to be active participants in our changing society we believe we must supplement or replace traditional teaching methods with innovative educational experiences. ICT should be used as a tool to enhance children's educational experiences by creating a variety of methods to meet needs, teach them how to manage information, and allow for opportunities to develop higher thinking skills.

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