Vision and Mission

At Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School, Fairfield, enlivened by the spirit of the Josephite charism, our mission is to:

  • Actively follow the example of Jesus and the teachings of the Gospels in our daily life
  • Respect and nurture the dignity, wellbeing and uniqueness of each person
  • Provide a contemporary learning environment and curriculum that is enriched by faith, spirituality, values, and the Catholic tradition
  • Foster an active engagement between school, home, parish, and the wider community, which embraces our diversity.

By the end of 2019, Our Lady of the Rosary will be a school where:

We are a faith-filled community

  • Effective contemporary teaching practices exist within the context of the Religious Education Curriculum
  • The various traditions of the Catholic Church, and other cultural groups, including the Indigenous, are acknowledged as part of the evangelising mission of the Church
  • Opportunities exist for students and families to more deeply know, understand and celebrate their Catholic faith both within the school and the wider parish community
  • Staff are provided with the opportunity to engage in ongoing faith formation

We are a contemporary community

  • A culture of high student expectation and academic rigor is communicated across all areas of school life
  • Catholic values are incorporated across all Key Learning Areas
  • Differentiated assessment practice and quality feedback are implemented to improve learning outcomes for every student
  • Teaching practices are flexible and responsive to meet the needs of the diversity of student learners
  • Curriculum design is rich and relevant and is aligned to contemporary research-based pedagogical practices
  • Teachers collaboratively analyse student data and reflect on their practice by engaging in Professional Learning Communities


We are a high-performing community

  • The special gifts and talents of every student are supported and celebrated, inspiring lifelong learning         
  • Student voice is embedded into programs to ensure that teachers build student capacity with them rather than for them
  • Students access a wide variety of curriculum options that reflect critical and creative thinking to prepare them for a contemporary world
  • Students are provided thorough and effective feedback so they can explore, design and evaluate their learning
  • A consistent approach to pastoral care and wellbeing supports the provision of an inclusive curriculum

We are a forward-thinking community

  • A model of shared leadership that facilitates highly effective organisational structures exists in order to facilitate sound management of change and challenges
  • School plans exist to monitor and track student progress against a learning continuum which is used for analysis and reporting
  • A whole school understanding of authentic education is developed which aligns the concepts of high expectations, student voice, learning and achievement
  • A contemporary and collaborative Professional Learning Community exists that supports well-considered innovation, has a commitment to whole school improvement and transformation and maintains students as the core focus of all aspects of school life