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Instrumental Lessons

We currently offer both individual lessons and group lessons in the following instruments:
  • Classical Guitar,
  • Keyboard/Piano, 
  • Violin, 
  • Bass Guitar, 
  • Electric Guitar, 
  • Drums/Percussion, 
  • clarinet, 
  • saxophone, 
  • trumpet, 
  • flute, 
  • Vocals and Theory.
Students are timetabled on a rotating basis from week to week. The instrumental program is carefully structured to deliver the highest standard of tuition.

Some instruments are available for hire.

General Information

Instrumental Enrolment Form 2014


Rachel Saul: 0402 471 247
Gavin Darby: 0402 471 248
Office: 8013 1400

Art Lessons

These creative and age appropriate weekly sessions are designed for young artists to have some fun while exploring different drawing mediums and develop sensitivity towards colour, shape, texture, pattern and tone.

Art lessons are conducted by an external provider during lunchtimes and before school.

Drama Lessons

Drama lessons are conducted by an external provider during lunchtimes. The sessions are 1 hour in length and the drama term runs for 7 weeks. During lessons students are involved in improvisation, acting, role play, drama games and creative and imaginative activities.

Chess Classes

Chess is a valuable activity for children, developing their logical thinking skills, concentration and discipline, as well as being a source of much enjoyment. 

What better way to combine learning and fun? 

Chess lessons are conducted by Sydney Academy of Chess during lunchtimes.