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Student Achievements

posted 9 Oct 2014, 17:53 by   [ updated 9 Oct 2014, 18:14 ]
The next two articles highlight how our children at Mount Carmel are already achieving great things:

We are very proud of our students!

Dear Principal and School, 

I am writing to you to thank you for once again, allowing Tolutau Koula to be a part of the NSW PSSA Rugby Union Team. Tolu was a fantastic ambassador for your school and should be commended on his efforts. The team travelled to South Australia for the National Exchange over the long and were successful in retaining the Phil Waugh Shield (National Tournament Winner) and the Trevor Allen Shield (NSW v ACT). They defeated Victoria 57-5, South Australia 75-5 and then played ACT in the final where they came away 62-0 winners. This is was without doubt one of the most talented group of players to play Rugby for NSW, and whilst that was very pleasing, it was the high levels of respect and pride demonstrated by Tolu and the boys that were most satisfying. Positive comments were made by people at the airport, out in public, by airhostesses, waiters at restaurants and by all other states and territories about the way the players conducted themselves. They really were outstanding. Tolu has given up a lot of time to participate in this program. He gave up three full Sundays and four days in the holidays to help the team achieve their goals. Tolu was an outstanding player when he played for us last year and continued to show this when he played for Mackillop at the state carnival back in Term 3, however, now not only has a he shown fantastic development and become a better player, but he has demonstrated very admirable qualities as a person. Tolu was a clear leader amongst our group. As a player he received the Best Back of the Tournament award and was probably the most exciting player to watch, scoring some amazing tries. In fact, Tolu scored 6 tries over the carnival which was equal leader over the carnival. 

Once again I would like to thank you for your support in this program, and as I said above, Tolu was a fantastic ambassador for your school. 

Regards, John Carters NSW PSSA Coach

Year 5 Australian Chamber Orchestra Excursion

This message was forwarded to me from the education coordinator of the Australian Chamber Orchestra re our Year 5 class:

Dear Principal, 

I write to congratulate you on the beautiful behaviour of the group of students who came to visit us at the ACO studio today to take part in filming online lessons with ACMF. Each and every student was exceptionally well-behaved, polite and a joy to have in our office. It was particularly lovely to work with some of the students from your wonderful school choir again. I was so thrilled to have such lovely students in our midst, who were such wonderful ambassadors for their school. Please pass on my thanks to them all for being so lovely to work with on this important project. 

Kind regards Sarah Sarah Conolan
Education Coordinator Australian Chamber Orchestra