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School Safety Zones

posted 22 Aug 2017, 23:57 by Angie Cagliuso   [ updated 4 Sep 2018, 20:31 by Lisa Bolger ]

A reminder to all our parents that school zones remain in place for the safety of our children and families. School zones operate on all gazetted school days, which are all days the school is open, even pupil free days.


posted 10 Dec 2015, 18:02 by Angie Cagliuso   [ updated 3 Sep 2018, 21:57 by Lisa Bolger ]

Please refer to the enrolment tab on this website for all details related to enrolling your child at Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic Primary School.

Canteen News

posted 18 Aug 2014, 06:08 by Angie Cagliuso   [ updated 7 Sep 2014, 00:16 ]

In order to help the canteen run smoothly, please keep in mind the following procedures:
  • All lunch orders must be in by 9.00am;
  • All lunch bags must be clearly marked with students name and class;
  • One lunch bag per student;
  • Any students in the Gold or Green classes must write Gold or Green on the lunch bag. (example 2 Green NOT 2G);
  • Any student missing a lunch order must go to the canteen as there are always bags without names and classes on them;
  • Any student with a stamp on their lunch order bag must bring the stamped lunch bag to the canteen to collect the item.

The Canteen Staff thank you for your cooperation.

Drive Through Rules

posted 19 May 2014, 18:15 by   [ updated 28 May 2016, 00:13 by Angie Cagliuso ]

Morning Drop Off on Cabramatta Rd

Parents dropping off students attending Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School need to follow the drive through rules as set down by our school. This means that cars are not to stop at the entrance on Cabramatta Rd to allow students to disembark their car. For the SAFTEY of all Students, cars must enter in single line. Cars must continue into the drive through and drop off the students. Parents must remain in their car.

  Morning Drop Off 
  •  On Humphries Rd
  •  When driving in you need to drive right up to the start of the designated drop off zone 
  •  No bags in boot 
  •  Parents are not to get out of the car 
  •  Students to exit from the passenger side only 
  •  Once your child has exited from the car you need to leave the drop off area, if you are concerned about smaller  children you can park in the surrounding streets and walk your child in.

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