The NSW Board of Studies determines the nature of the teaching programs and curriculum available for students K-6 in primary schools. There are 7 Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) some of which have sub-sections of learning. The beginning of 2006 has seen the introduction of the NSW Primary Curriculum Foundation Statements. The Curriculum Policy Statements are based on the Foundation Statements. 

At Our Lady of Mt Carmel Primary School, we have a concentrated focus on English. Students need to read - for information and enjoyment, to solve mathematical problems, to explain points of view, to creatively express or to respond to a piece of artwork, music or dramatic material. Our school is committed to providing critical in our organisation of opportunities for students to maximise their learning potential. 

Teachers are encouraged to develop programs that are rich in Values and Attitudes outcomes. The learning environment should be stimulating and encouraging but offering challenge and opportunities for higher order thinking.