For Parents

Parental Involvement

The school community values each child's presence in our school. We value parents and encourage their involvement in and contribution to our school community.

Parents are able to be involved in the school in many ways, for example:

  • Through their participation in their child’s learning
  • Through volunteer work in the classroom, in the Uniform Shop, on special days such as Market Day and covering books
  • Through active participation in the Parents and Friends Association and on various committees
  • Through excursion support
  • Through support of special events.

Parents and Friends Association

The school has an active Parents and Friends Association, who work hard throughout the year supporting the school in fundraising, organising events and assisting in many ways. We are a family-friendly school committed to collaboration and partnership with our parents and the wider community.

Parent Handbook

The parent handbook provides key information about the school and the education of your child. Please click here to access the handbook.

School Inquiry & Review Executive Summary 2018

These are the overall findings from the inquiry and review process in order of priority. 

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School has a clearly articulated Vision for Learning. 

The launch of the School’s Vision for Learning in 2017 reflects a commitment to faith development and purposeful, successful learning for students and for staff. The Vision clearly incorporates the charism of the founding order, the Ursuline Sisters and encapsulates the building and maintenance of positive caring Christian relationships between, students, parents, and staff. 

The School has a distinctively Catholic culture. 

Students beginning each School day in prayer and each week with a whole-School reflection of the Sunday Gospel. The School has a “Mini Vinnies” team that works with the Parish St Vincent de Paul team. A special Mass was held for the induction of the “Mini Vinnies” team. This team works on Social Justice initiatives including Project Compassion, the Winter and Christmas Appeals and Charitable Works Fund. Each year a Market Day is held to raise funds for Ursuline missions overseas. 

The School is a Newman Accredited School catering for students identified as gifted and talented. 

The School has a long-standing association with St Ursula’s College, also a Newman Accredited School that is the feeder School for the girls. The two Schools are working in partnership aimed at supporting the effective transition of identified gifted students. 

Parents are respected as partners in the faith, academic and social education of the students. 

Parents are involved in a variety of activities to support the School, namely the P&F and the Advisory Council. Parents value the School and the staff and appreciate the opportunities that are provided for their children. Wellbeing is a whole School priority evidenced by School organisation and planning. Parents indicate an openness to further opportunities/exposure to classrooms to assist them in developing a better understanding of contemporary learning.

The principal and School leaders see the development of staff as an expert and coherent teaching team as central to improving outcomes for all students.

The School actively promotes the sharing of teacher expertise. The School has Curriculum Action Teams which drive the School improvement agenda as well as the planning and delivering of professional learning. Action Teams meet regularly to discuss strategies to improve student learning, School data, and best practice. Curriculum Action Teams are goal driven and informed by clear strategic action plans.

The School has a coherent sequenced plan for curriculum delivery.

The curriculum is used as a basis for ongoing staff discussions about the best ways to maximise student learning and wellbeing. The School has well-developed Scope and Sequences in every Key Learning Area. Teachers provide learning environments in which students are engaged, challenged and supported to learn.

The School actively seeks ways to enhance student learning and wellbeing by partnering with parents and other educational institutions.

Partnerships with parents are strengthened through various School events and celebrations which are held regularly. These include student and parent Stop, Pray and Reflect sessions, family Masses and Easter and Christmas celebrations. There is a recently established Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) on site, coordinated by Sydney Catholic Early Childhood Services (SCECS).