What is the family & faith program?

The Family and Faith program is an initiative of Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS), Sydney in response to the New Evangelisation Agenda.

Parents are, of course, the first educators of their children – not just cognitively, but also spiritually. When you chose to baptise your child, you promised to bring him/her up in the faith of God’s family. Enrolling your child in a Catholic school, ensures your child a high-quality education based on Gospel values.

Mrs Bowler has been appointed as Our Lady of Fatima's Family Educator to implement the Family & Faith program. She will organise invitational events, information sessions and activities for families. 

These opportunities will strengthen the relationships between the school, families and parish.

WHAT can I expect from the PROGRAM?

Children achieve more when schools and families work together. That is why involving parents in the education, spiritual formation and social development of their children is important. With this in mind, you will be invited to join in events, information sessions and activities based on such things as:

  • the importance of family
  • suggestions and ideas for parenting
  • journeying with your child through the Sacraments
  • the influence of family on the child
  • strengthening relationships within the school/parish community
  • helping parents to understand the curriculum
  • strengthening your own prayer life.

How CAN I be apart of THE PROGRAM?

You can learn about the Family and Faith program by reading information sent home in special bulletins and newsletters.

Various initiatives have been implemented at Our Lady of Fatima Primary School, including:

  • SPAR (Stop, Pray and Reflect)
  • Tender Tales (Story and craft for the younger pre-school siblings) 
  • Mini Vinnies
  • Information sessions for parents on a variety of topics
  • Support for Parish-based Sacramental Programs
  • Parent faith formation
  • Other Special events throughout the year