School Fees

2018 Tuition Costs and School Fees

Please be aware that the following items are charged separately:          
All Representative and Sports Gala Days; ICAS Competitions Mathematics Extension Competitions.       

Fee Name



Tuition Fee K-6
(Billed per student)

First Child
Second Child (90%)
Third Child (65%)
Fourth + child


Building Levy
(Billed per family)

This levy covers the cost of major capital works, debt servicing of loans, minor capital expenditure and building insurance.  The levy reflects the number of Catholic Systemic Schools your children attend.
One School
Two Schools
Three Schools


Administration Fee
(Billed per student)

This levy covers costs such as; cleaning the school, maintaining the school grounds, utilities, content insurance, fire services, security, waste collection, and contributes to the purchasing of equipment to assist with students learning.


Technology Levy
(Billed per student)

This levy covers such costs as ICT charges to schools for broadband access, licence fees, data charges and antivirus management; partial cost recovery for ICT primary technicians, computer purchases, ICT consumables and student programs purchased.


Resource Fee K-6  (Billed per student)

This levy covers the cost of all photocopying materials, exercise books, Religious Education resources, and all other teaching resources used in the classrooms.


Incursion Levy K-6
(Billed per student)

 This levy covers the cost of all excursions and incursions planned for the students.


Sports Levy K-6
(Billed per student)

This levy covers a full time Sports Teacher and a range of sporting activities throughout the year.


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