What is the Newman Program?

The Newman program is a key element of the Sydney Catholic Schools Archdiocesan Gifted Education Policy. It provided opportunities for academically gifted and talented students. Based on significant research, the program supports gifted learners across different subjects and skill areas.  

It was developed by the Sydney Catholic Schools in consultation with local and international academics and practitioners.  Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School at Caringbah was the first primary school to be accredited as a Newman selective school in the Sydney Archdiocesan. 

(SCS - Newmans Program Video)


Significance for this school community

The Newman program provides a catalyst for a shared vision and focus upon authentic teaching and learning that is relevant, purposeful, engaging, challenging, rigorous and empowering.

Teachers and students have high expectations and apply their knowledge and skills across a range of curriculum and real life experiences. Creativity, imagination, higher order thinking and questioning skills form essential practices in curriculum pedagogy and assessment.

Parents have a voice in contibuting and sharing their knowledge and skills to assist in the identification process and in developing an appreciation of learning that is rich and life giving.

Key achievements

The school’s pedagogy is based upon  Gagne’s research model allowing for the development of a variety of programs across all domains that are the appropriate level of academic challenge to cater for the intellectual and affective needs of students.

Teachers are skilled in providing these learners with a curriculum that is differentiated in pace, depth and degree of complexity. Student voice and student choice are embedded in an inquiry based learning model.

Parent communication is active through information evenings, newsletters, reports, interviews reporting and symposiums.

What does our program look like?

    • Identification and Needs Analysis of gifted students
    • Assessment For/As/Of Learning to identify learning potential of all students
    • Curriculum Strategies to embed higher order thinking strategies
    • Grouping Program Options to allow like minded peers to work collaboratively
    • Acceleration Program Options to maximise learning potential of all students
    • Social and Emotional Program Options to provide essential supportive well being programs
    • School Wide Practice to ensure that gifted students are offered complexity and differentiation in all subjects.
Frances Agostinis,
29 Jan 2017, 20:20