Learning support

At Our Lady of Fatima Primary School, we value each student as an individual.  We aim to challenge and inspire all our students and to provide them with opportunities to avhieve their potential in a purposeful learning environment.  We recognise that all students are unique individuals, who learn at different rates, have different requirements within the curriculum and we value the contribution made by every student.

A range of educational options are available to support students with special learning needs who require additional support.

The prime responsibility for meeting the specific learning needs of students with difficulties lies with the classroom teacher. The Learning Support Team plays a key role in ensuring that the specific learning needs of students experiencing difficulties in learning are met.

If Our Lady of Fatima at Caringbah is your local school, we suggest you talk to our Principal to discuss your child's needs and options available.  Following your discussion, their learning needs will be assessed so that decisions can be made about what adjustments are required to best meet their needs. You will be involved in any decision about the type of support implemented.

After enrolment we will work with you and your child to continually review their learning needs at each stage of their education.