RSCV Energy Break Through Melbourne 2013.

This year, Marist Sisters College Woolwich is continuing their participation in the annual RACV Energy Break Through Competition in Maryborough, Victoria. 

Girls in more years than ever are getting involved and we are happy to announce that our girls will be participating in two events this year. The 24 race, in which MSCW has previously partaken in and this year girls will be riding in the triathlon. 

Over the 4 days our girls are down in Melbourne, their agility and ability to communicate and  work with others will be tested, and pushed to the limits.

As well as racing, the girls will be in constant contact with the rest of the world through the new launch of the Melbourne Marist Sisters College Woolwich Page.

On this page you will be constantly updated with live feeds, interviews and video journals as well as live results and news when it happens. This page also has all the information you need to know about what the girls will be doing everyday and also funding, sponsorship and costly specifications.

Keep up to date with us and we look forward to sharing our latest news and achievements with you.

 - The RACV Melbourne MSCW Group 2013. 

This year over 25 girls will be participating in the 2013 Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough, Melbourne.

“Its more than an event, it’s a new way of learning.” - Energy Breakthrough.