For Parents

Parental Assistance in Class

Parents are welcome to be Classroom Helpers in our school. At the beginning of the school year, a Parent Helpers’ Workshop is organised to provide information to parents about the Classroom Helpers’ Program. New Parent Helpers are required to attend this meeting before working in the classroom.

All Parent Helpers/Volunteers are also required to sign a CEO Volunteer Application Form before presence in the classroom is permitted. After the Parent Helper Forms have been collated and information recorded on the database, teachers will be given a list of Parent Helpers for the class/school and they can then make contact with their Parent Helpers.

Parental Assistance with School Organisations

Mary Immaculate Primary School is an integral part of the Parish Community.

The school does not have a formal parent organisation. However, parents are asked to be generous in their participation and to assist in whatever way they can. This could be as a committee member or parent helper, through donations, or through assisting with jobs to be done around the school and parish.

Parents are invited to participate in various aspects of school life including School Committees. Parents are also represented on the School Finance Committee, the Enrolment Committee, the Parish & School Fundraising Committee and the Building Committee.  Each term, parents are invited to attend Parent Forums.

Members of the school community are also invited to become involved in Parish Committees. These include: Mary Immaculate Pastoral Council, Mary Immaculate Parish & School Fundraising Committee, Mary Immaculate Finance Committee, Craft Club, and other aspects of Parish life.

Although the major fundraising for parish and school is organised by the Mary Immaculate Parish & School Fundraising Committee, the school also holds a number of other smaller school fundraising activities through the Canteen during the year. The school also runs a Skillathon/Walkathon annually.