Student Wellbeing

At McAuley we promote a healthy, safe & supportive learning environment for all students. Student welfare is a shared responsibility between home and school. The school has implemented programs to encourage positive social behaviours such as: 'Bounce Back' Program, Kinder & Year 6 'Buddies", Good Citizenship Awards, Principal Awards, Class Awards, as well as Environmental Class Captains

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is a philosophy based on a set of principles that guide the response to conflict. It is about the development of relationships amongst students and their peers and also between students and teachers. It focuses on the behaviours, the effects on other people and how to “fix” the problem to mend relationships. Restorative measures help students learn from their mistakes and reconcile and resolve problems with others. There is a set of core restorative practices in place to manage student behaviour which assist the student to reflect on their behaviour, consider how they affect others and grow. These practices are focused on compassion, forgiveness, justice and inclusiveness.

They are:

  • affective questions and statements - including reflection sheets
  • teacher inner and outer circles
  • class circles
  • mediation sessions with an individual student or a group of students led by a member of staff.